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Today’s top gossip:

Cheryl Cole has dumped hubby Ashley by text, following tabloid revelations about a string of alleged affairs the Chelsea left-back is supposed to have had. The Girls Aloud singer is said to have texted Ashley to tell him the news, saying simply: “Move out. It’s over.” She fled to Los Angeles after a series of newspaper stories alleged that the footballer had cheated on her with five other women. The couple are now expected to be granted a ‘quickie’ divorce (The Sun).

From the papers:

Amy Winehouse is set to return home from Jamaica after working on her album out there (The Sun).

Robbie Williams dressed up in an £8 all-in-one pink Primark snuggie suit after his performance at the Brit Awards 2010 (Daily Mirror).

Marina Diamandis from Marina And The Diamonds says she auditioned for The Lion King when she was younger (Daily Star).

New York party girl Lady Starlight says she “inspired” Lady Gaga‘s over-the-top dress sense (Daily Mirror).

Ekaterina Ivanova has insisted she wasn’t with Ronnie Wood for his money (Daily Star).

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