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Cheryl Cole wants a wheelie bin, Katy and Russell rock solid - your music gossip stop

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Today’s top gossip:

The issue of Keith Richards’ comments about the size of Mick Jagger’s penis is being stretched out longer and longer in the tabs.

Today (February 11) they’ve picked up on a quote from Elton John, who’s inserted his opinion on the matter by saying he’d understand if The Rolling Stones singer was a bit miffed. “If I said that [songwriting partner] Bernie Taupin was a miserable cunt and had a small penis, he’d probably never talk to me again,” he said (Rolling Stone).

From the papers and beyond:

Katy Perry has moved to scupper rumours in the rags that her and Russell Brand‘s marriage was on shaky grounds and they were seeking relationship therapy. She sent him a message via her Twitter page, Twitter.com/katyperry on Wednesday (9) outlining that it was, “Your favorite day, Hump day!” It may have had a double meaning.

Everyone’s going Lady Gaga crazy today as she releases new single ‘Born This Way’, not least the red-tops. They’ve picked up on a quote from a forthcoming documentary about her in which she explains that, “Some people do call me Stefani [her real name]. Especially in bed” (Daily Mirror).

In the usual order of things, record labels want radio stations to play their artists’ tracks, but according to euro dance DJ David Guetta they’ve made an exception for him. The DJ told the tabs that his record label has been writing to stations asking them to stop playing ‘Who’s That Chick?’, his collaboration with Rihanna, as her album is out at the same time. ”It was strange because normally record labels ask radio stations to play your music,” the DJ said. We think there may be other reasons for the letters (Daily Star).

Amy Winehouse looks set to jet off for another holiday – she was papped at Heathrow on her way to sunnier shores, hanging out with a mate sporting a nasty-looking black eye (Daily Star).

Some Cheryl Cole news – one red-top is running a story about the songstress recently phoning Enfield Council “in person” to get a wheelie bin delivered. “She didn’t get her minions to do it,” one of those “anonymous sources” explained. “She is a proper working class Geordie girl” (Daily Star).

Finally, although it will be five more years before Justin Bieber can legally drink in the US, he’s apparently eying up a $1.6 million (£1 million) Los Angeles four-bedroom pad, which includes its own ‘party room’ (The Sun).

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