And they find time to have a swipe at the Brit Awards too...

DAMAGE have attacked A1 and HEAR’SAY, and joined the chorus of stars who have lashed out at the BRIT AWARDS organisers in support of CRAIG DAVID, in an exclusive interview with NME.COM.

In an interview with NMESOUL and NMEPOP, the British R&B-pop sensations, who release ‘Still Be Lovin’ You’, the third single from their forthcoming album, ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ on Monday (March 12), crowed that a1 will end up working in McDonald’s or in rehab, while their managers get rich.

Andrez said they “feel sorry” for their fellow boyband: “You’re damn right we’re not fans! We use to get bitter about it, but now we have pity on them because they will be gone soon. They will have to go to rehab, go back to college and work in McDonald’s and their managers will be multi-millionaires and they won’t have a penny. To be honest, we now just feel sorry for them as people.”

Rashaan added: “How did a1 win Best Newcomer at The Brits? They are so wack!”

Speaking about ‘Popstars’ band Hear’Say, Andrez said: “The hype around them is mad. They were at the Brits and performed for one minute. That’s mad. You don’t perform a song at the Brits unless you have had some form of success! It’s mocking the industry, man.”

On the subject of Craig David being overlooked at the Brits, he went on: “It was a sad day for R&B, really, and, to be honest, a sad day for the industry, because it just made the awards look bad.”

And he concluded that the garage scene had gone the way of hardcore gangsta rap in the US, being embraced by kids in their bedrooms, a trend he hoped would continue.

“Basically, garage is pop now. Garage in the UK is like the equivalent of hardcore gangsta rap in America – the kids over there are doing it in their bedrooms making up beats and it’s a way for them to break out and make some money. Hopefully, garage will be able to offer the same opportunities over here for some time to come… we hate performing the normal version of ‘Rumours’ at gigs now, we prefer to perform the Latino remix.”

Damage have confirmed that they are to appear as part of the MTV Five Night Stand at London’s The Ocean on April 19 with Spooks.

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