The former Pantera frontman writes to the family of his slain former bandmate…

PHIL ANSELMO expressed his regret for comments that appeared in the wake of former [url=]PANTERA bandmate DARRELL “DIMEBAG” ABBOT’s shooting.

Abbot was murdered along with three other people when gunman Nathan Gale opened fire at a Damageplan gig in Columbus, Ohio on December 8.

Shortly afterwards an interview with Anselmo conducted before the shooting appeared in a UK music magazine in which he suggested Abbot should be “severely beaten”.

Posting on [url=], the singer offered to make peace with Abbot’s family.

“I’m hoping my biggest hope; that they realize that the bad stuff written about our bands and ourselves was coerced nonsense made to sell magazines,” wrote Anselmo, adding: “I’m crushed for the loss of my friend that I loved, for Vince his brother… for all of his good friends…None of what I have said will ever bring him back, and it hurts so bad.”