Police say they're looking for a motive...

Police in COLUMBUS have said they’re still unsure of the motive of the gunman at this week’s DAMAGEPLAN gig – while stars including OZZY OSBOURNE have spoken of their shock at the killings.

Nathan Gale, 25, of Marysville shot four people dead, before being killed by a police officer at the gig at the Alrosa Villa Club (December 8).

Guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott was shot and killed first, before the assassin targeted the crowd.


Police spokesperson Brent Mull has said they are still looking for a motive for the killings, but witnesses have claimed they heard Gale accuse the guitarist of being behind the split of Pantera.

Darrell formed Damageplan with brother Vinnie Paul Abbott after the split of Pantera. Both were members of Pantera before their recent split.

The world of heavy metal has been united in shock following the murders. Ozzy Osbourne, who toured with Pantera, said he was “beside myself with grief”.

He added: “I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would do this.”

Drowning Pool issued a statement that reads: “No one knows why some people do the heinous things they do. What we do know is that once again, we leave tour to bury friends, brothers, and family.

”Dimebag Darrell was the epitome of Rock and Roll. He wasn’t just a player that all guitarists aspired to be…but the genuine article and a true friend. Darrell inspired our lives and how we carried ourselves not just as musicians out on the road but also as friends in everyday life.”


The other victims of the shooting have been named as 29 year old Erin Halk, 23 year old Nathan Bray and 40 year old Jeff Thompson.

Flowers are being placed outside the venue, while a candlelit vigil took place in Flint in Michigan last night (December 9) where Damageplan were due to continue their tour.

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