Damian Marley ropes in special guest for new single

There's a big-name rapper on 'Road To Zion'

Reggae star Damian Marley teams up with hip-hop heavyweight Nas on his forthcoming single.

Following his breakthrough success with ‘Welcome To Jamrock’, Bob Marley’s son releases ‘Road To Zion’ in the new year, according to VH1.

According to Marley, the track is “about this road that has a lot of stumbling blocks and struggles (and still) keeping your head up.”


The pair recently shot the video for the single in Nas’ hometown. “We did the video in New York,” continued Marley. “We did a scene in a prison in Queens, so it has a grimy look.”

Nas also duets with wife Kelis on a track from her new album ‘The Puppeteer’, due in the spring.

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