The likes of Damien Rice and Christy Moore protest at the US President's visit to their country...

A host of Irish stars, including DAMIEN RICE and

veteran CHRISTY MOORE, are to perform a special free concert in aid of the anti-GEORGE W BUSH movement next week.

The When Bush Comes to Shove gig is being organised by the Irish

Anti-War Movement (IAWM) to raise funds for mass protests during the US President’s visit to Ireland at the end of June.

The show will take place at Dublin’s 8,500 capacity Point Depot on June 19.

The Stop Bush campaign is organising two protests during Mr Bush’s overnight stay at Dromoland Castle, Co Clare on June 25.

Richard Boyd Barrett, IAWM chairman, is organising the Point Depot gig. He claimed Bush had lied to the world about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and said the recent torture revelations had confirmed how wrong the war in Iraq had been.

“The war has not liberated Iraq but plunged it from the tyranny of

Saddam Hussein to the tyranny of a brutal occupation,” he said. “Through protests and in every opinion poll the huge majority of people in this country have made clear their opposition to Bush’s war.”