Plus Blur 'secret' gig has now sold out...

Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman‘s soundtrack for the film ‘Ravenous’ is released on Monday by Virgin. The film opens in the UK on September 3.

Starring Robert Carlyle and directed by Antonia Bird (who also made ‘Face’ starring Carlyle and Albarn), ‘Ravenous’ deals with cannibalism in the wild west. It has received mixed reviews in the US.

As previously reported, Damon is also working with ex-Sugarcube Einar on a soundtrack to the Icelandic movie, ‘101 Reykjavik’, and on the soundtrack to ‘Ordinary Decent Criminal’, directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan and starring Kevin Spacey.


Blur‘s ‘secret’ pre-Reading/Leeds warm-up show at London Goldsmith’s College – exclusively revealed in NME this week – on August 26 has now completely sold out. Tickets for the festivals are still available.

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