Could a Damon Albarn and Flume collaboration drop in 2019?

The EDM producer and DJ has apparently been in the studio with the Gorillaz and Blur maestro over the past 18 months

Speculation is mounting among fans that a Damon Albarn and Flume collaboration could emerge in 2019.

Flume – AKA EDM DJ and producer Harley Streten – is currently working on the follow-up to his second album ‘Skin’, which was released back in 2016. He told fans in an Instagram post late last year that in 2019 “I’ll be back in your life, I promise,” ending his musical hiatus.

Details about Flume’s next project are scarce at present, but fans have this week harked back to an interview Albarn gave in October 2017 where he confirmed that he had linked up with the producer in the studio. Speaking to Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, Albarn casually dropped in that he’d been working with Flume – watch the interview clip below.


It’s unclear at the moment what exactly Albarn and Flume were working on back then, which means that we shouldn’t rule out that it could be for a Gorillaz record or similar side project.

Back in August, Albarn confirmed that he is already working on the next Gorillaz album – suggesting that another new record may follow swiftly on from June’s ‘The Now Now’.

Last month, Albarn called for a public-led forum to break the current deadlock on Brexit, reasoning that “Brexit has come to test the patience of the British public”.