Dan Auerbach reunites with Robert Finley to produce new album ‘Sharecropper’s Son’

You can listen to the first single by "the greatest living soul singer" now

Blues singer Robert Finley has announced a new album called ‘Sharecropper’s Son’ that will be produced entirely by Dan Auerbach.

In addition to the album’s production, the Black Keys frontman has co-written the album with Finley, who, according to Auerbach, is “the greatest living soul singer”.

The album, which will be released on May 21 via Easy Eye Sound/Concord, also features a number of blues veterans and studio legends who have worked with everyone from Elvis Presley to Wilson Pickett.


Giving fans a taste of what to expect from the upcoming album, Finley has shared the album’s first single, ‘Souled Out On You’.

“[It’s] the story of a relationship that’s ending,” Finley said of the track. “It’s about someone who takes on everything in the relationship. All the good and the bad and even after all of that, they notice that it just isn’t going to work out and the relationship has run its course. I took all I could take and I’m starting my life over.”

You can listen to ‘Souled Out On You’ below:

‘Sharecropper’s Son’ is available to pre-order now. There will be an exclusive sunrise yellow vinyl version available from the Easy Eye Sound store only.

This isn’t the first time Finley and Auerbach have worked together. In 2017, they released an original soundtrack together for the graphic novel, Murder Ballads, published by z2 Comics. Later that same year, Auerbach also produced Finley’s Goin’ Platinum! album.


Remembering the first time he met Finley, Auerbach said: “He walked in like he was straight out of the swamp. He had leather pants, snakeskin boots, a big country & Western belt buckle, a leather cowboy hat and a three-quarter-length leather duster.”

He added: “The final touch was the folding cane the legally blind Finley wore on his hip, in a holster. Basically, he was dressed for national television.”

Earlier this year, The Black Keys released a 10th anniversary deluxe edition of their acclaimed sixth album ‘Brothers’.

The reissue, which arrived in the UK on January 1 via Nonesuch Records, features two previously unreleased tracks: ‘Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth’ and ‘Black Mud Part II’.