Dan from Bastille is answering calls on a mystery hotline

He seemed to confirm that a new album will be out this year

Bastille shared a pair of mystery phone numbers on their official website earlier this month, and now it looks like frontman Dan Smith is answering calls.

After sharing their epic new single ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ on 1 May, the band have started picking up the phone, and Smith has been speaking to fans and answering their questions.

Along the way, he let some interesting new details slip, and speaking to one fan, Smith appeared to confirm that Bastille’s third album will be out long before November this year. He apparently “promised” a new record before then, commenting that November is “fucking ages away”.


Another fan was just delighted that they got to speak to Dan Smith in the first place.

This new update comes after Smith previously seemed to hint at a November release during an interview on BBC Radio 1. Fans on Reddit noticed that he cut himself off mid-sentence, saying that the album would be out “Nov… sometime in the future”.

Bastille’s last album was 2016’s ‘Wild World’.

Though a firm release date is yet to be confirmed, Smith previously confirmed to NME that ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ is the first single from Bastille’s new album. “It’s the first single from our new album and it’s kind of like an opening scene-setter,” the frontman said. “It’s about escapism, when you want the night to keep going and try to lose yourself in it for whatever reason. We wanted to capture that feeling and have it sound a bit raucous and messy and euphoric.”


“We wanted to try something a bit different and new,” he added “We had a really good time making this record and wanted it to very much be one concise thing with a very distinct sound.”


Last year Bastille gave another update on their anticipated third album, speaking to NME. “We never really stop writing and recording, but I can confirm we spent a lot of this year writing our third album,” he said.

“We wanted to do something that feels a bit different, wanted to take it a step on from our last record and acknowledge that since we released that album the world seems an even more bizarre and tempestuous place,” he added.