The Handsome Boy Modeling School member has been working on the follow-up to 'The Fat Of The Land'...

DAN ‘THE AUTOMATOR’ NAKAMURA has been working with PRODIGY on the long-awaited follow-up to their 1997 album, ‘THE FAT OF THE LAND’.

Speaking to [url=], Nakamura said he has been helping with the mixing on at least one track on the as-yet-untitled new record. He said: “I’m just getting ready to go into the studio [myself]. I just did some stuff for the Prodigy. I was helping work out a mix for their record. Maybe it’s the single, I don’t know.”

However, he dismissed rumours that the Prodigy album is anywhere near completion, saying: “I think they’re only like a little bit, or maybe halfway, done.”


Nakamura was reluctant to disclose any further details, and also remained cagey when talking about the forthcoming Handsome Boy Modeling School album, which he is recording with fellow producer Prince Paul. The follow-up to ‘So…How’s Your Girl’ is rumoured to feature both Blur and Radiohead vocalists Damon Albarn and Thom Yorke. Commenting on the possibility of such high-profile collaborations, he said: “That would be nice. You know, who knows? They could use the Handsome Boy training, but we’ll see.

“We should be back in the studio in February or March. We’re doing a couple of DJ shows [with Prince Paul], in February, and we’re going to work on our schedules, but we’re definitely doing the second one in the spring. It probably won’t come out until the early part of next year.”

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