Dananananaykroyd drummer injured in onstage accident

John Baillie Junior's injury forces the band to cancel other tour dates

Dananananaykroyd had to abandon their Sydney show yesterday (July 29), after drummer John Baillie Junior fell offstage and broke his arm.

The band were two songs in to their set at the Annandale Hotel when Baillie Junior suffered the accident, reports ABC.net. Luckily for the band, a doctor was on hand in the audience to attend to him.

“The details still aren’t really very clear. John, I think he just kind of came off the stage a bit funny and has done something pretty bad to his arm. The latest I’ve heard is that he’s taken a bit of his elbow bone off,” singer Callum Gunn explained.


He added: “We couldn’t really go on without John and so we stopped the show and got him medical attention as soon as possible. There was a doctor in the audience, which was really cool. Kind of clichéd ‘Is there a doctor here?’ thing actually worked. She looked after John for a while until the ambulance arrived.”

Gunn apologised for abandoning the gig, adding that he doesn’t know when the drummer will be able to play again.

he said: “It all depends on how John‘s arm gets, I suppose. We’ve not really had the chance to regroup just yet. Unfortunately we can’t obviously play in Melbourne tonight, which is a total shame. We’re just sad that we’re not able to play.”

A post on the band’s Twitter, meanwhile, confirmed that tonight’s (July 30) gig in Melbourne, Victoria‘s East Brunswick Club has also been pulled as a result of the injury.

It said: “Sorry everyone, had to cancel remaining Australian shows – John broke his arm during the show in Sydney last night. Get better soon JBJ! X”

Refunds for both the Victoria and Sydney shows are available from the point of purchase.


Dananananaykroyd are due to play several UK festival dates this summer, the first being Belladrum Festival in Inverness on August 7. There is currently no word as to whether the band will honour these commitments.