Dananananaykroyd releasing new album in June

'There Is A Way' has been produced by Ross Robinson

Dananananaykroyd are set to release their second full-length album, ‘There Is A Way’, in June.

The Scottish six-piece will release the album on June 13 via their own record label, Pizza College. It has been produced by Klaxons and Slipknot producer Ross Robinson and was recorded at his studio in California.

The record will be the band’s first release since bassist Laura Hyde left the group in 2009. She has been replaced by Ryan McGinness.


The group are set to hit the festival circuit this summer, and are already confirmed to play the Camden Crawl event this spring in London.

The tracklisting of ‘There Is A Way’ is:

‘All Us Authors’
‘E Numbers’
‘Think and Feel’
‘Muscle Memory’
‘Time Capsule’
‘Good Time’
‘Seven Days Late’
‘Glee Cells Trade’
‘Make A Fist’