A council hearing could determine if the "superclub" can get its recently revoked licence back...

The future of HOME nightclub in LONDON will be decided at a council hearing next week.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the superclub in Leicester Square had its music and dance licence revoked last month after police claimed to have found evidence of drug dealing on the premises.

At the time, the club, which has been closed since the decision, were given 21 days to appeal, which they have done.

A spokesperson for Westminster Council told NME.COM this morning (April 11) that a meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee, who originally revoked the licence, will take place on April 19.

At the meeting, representatives from Home will make representations and request to have their licence reinstated.

The spokesperson added that at present, the licence “remains revoked”.

A spokesperson for Home was unavailable for comment.