However, The Berlin event is under threat...

The second RADIO 1 LOVE PARADE has been confirmed for July 21, and will take place in NEWCASTLE, NME.COM can reveal.

The Parade, which last year took place at Roundhay Park in Leeds, will this year travel through the streets of Newcastle before ending up at the city’s Town Moor.

“Radio 1 is delighted that the months of hard work with the people of Newcastle have paid off,” said Matt Priest, Radio 1’s Dance Music Producer. “Newcastle is the perfect location for Love Parade UK, the exciting development of 2001 is the introduction of a real parade making sure we keep as close as we can to the ethos of the original Berlin Love Parade. We can now finalise detailed plans with the police, other emergency services and local authorities and residents to ensure that the event is a safe and successful one.”

Ged Bell, Leeds Councillor for the Love Parade, told the station: “We are delighted that the Freemen of the City have agreed that the festival can be held on the Hoppings site. There are still a lot of details to be finalised, however, we will be working closely with everyone involved in the organisation of this event to ensure they are resolved as speedily as possible.”

No line-up has been announced as yet.

However, while these details were being confirmed, the original Berlin Love Parade was under threat of cancellation. According to [url=]www.bbc.co.uk/radio1, the venue that serves as the focus of the event has been block-booked by Berlin residents opposed to the event. The Organisers have said it’s unlikely they’ll be able to locate a suitable replacement venue in time for the event.

“The Berlin wall went down ten years ago – a coming together for the east and west. I think that the Love Parade is a very important part of bringing that culture together,” DJ Carl Cox told the station.