The local authorities are becoming fed up with rowdy British tourists...

The sun is setting on the British clubbing experience in IBIZA, with the Spanish authorities fed up with the island’s image as a playground for rowdy Brits.

Spain’s tourist board has decided that, after a decade of the debauched UK clubbing featured in TV documentaries like ‘Ibiza Uncovered’, the island must clean up its image. They want the island to appeal to families and a smarter, international clubbing set.

Ibiza’s clubbing season is due to start this weekend. But NME.COM can reveal that the British clubber may soon be forced to holiday at other dance music resorts, such as Ayia Nappa, if they want to continue clubbing in the rowdy way which they are famous for.


Juan Medrano, manager at Ibiza’s Privilege club, told NME.COM: “It’s going to be a good year but there will be maybe 20 per cent less people. We are hoping to attract quite an international crowd, more Germans and Italians. British clubbers do still behave like hooligans.”

Three years ago, British clubbers were described as “out-of-control degenerates” by the British Vice Consul on Ibiza, 51-year-old Michael Birkett, who resigned in disgust at their behaviour.

A new eco tax has been introduced, forcing local businesses to push prices up which will hit British clubbers who are on a budget, while police are clamping down on drugs. Latest figures showed a 689 per cent increase in arrests for Ecstasy.

A spokesperson at the tourist office on Ibiza told NME.COM: “We are working with the Spanish Tourist Office in London. We will try to change things, but the British tourists must change too. They have to behave if they want to stay here.”

A spokeswoman at the tourist department of the Spanish Embassy in London confirmed: “There is a new promotion to say Ibiza is not just for clubbers but is about traditions and culture.”

For the full story, see this week’s NME, out now in London, and tomorrow nationwide (May 30).