Police say "a substantial amount" of drugs have been seized, as 800 clubbers are ejected from the Sheffield superclub...

Police raided GATECRASHER at the REPUBLIC nightclub in SHEFFIELD last night (May 19), making 13 arrests and seizing “a substantial amount” of drugs.

Around 800 clubbers were ejected from the premises in the city’s Matilda Street when 160 officers swooped at 11.40pm, seizing what a spokesperson described as a substantial amount of tablets, powders and substances, some of which are believed to be cocaine and ecstasy.

According to South Yorkshire Police, 11 men and two women aged between 18 and 40 from Sheffield, Cleveland, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and East Anglia were arrested. Two of them were members of staff at the club. Subsequent searches of their homes turned up more drugs, pepper spray, a stun-gun, body armour and an extendable baton.

They are expected to be bailed pending further enquiries.

Local command Superintendent Steve Hicks said: “All the substances will be analysed, but all the evidence suggests the premises was awash with drugs.” The operation was described as “a huge success” for the force, and a police statement said there was full co-operation and no public order problems.

This is the second drugs raid on high profile UK club this year. The raid last month on Home’s flagship nightclub in central London, which led to the seizure of 16 ecstasy tablets, resulted in the club’s closure.