On top of those losses, there's an additional bill to clean the streets...

Organisers of BERLIN LOVE PARADE at the weekend are reported to have lost almost half a million pounds after sponsors pulled out at the last minute.

Over 800,000 people joined the street party, but the organisers are left with a massive deficit after the sponsor pulled out amid confusion over whether the event would take place or not.

Love Parade, an annual fixture in the city since 1989, brings millions into the local economy. However, this year it had to be postponed from its usual date of the second Saturday in July after protests from environmentalists who feared the city’s Tiergarten Park would be damaged.

The Mayor Klaus Wowereit pledged his support, saying: “It’s an important event that should stay in Berlin.”

On top of the losses incurred after the sponsor pulled out, organisers are faced with an additional bill of £ 311,500 to clean the streets after the free festival, according to the BBC. It is the first time they have been asked to meet the clean-up charges, after a high court ruling that, as it was not a political demonstration, there could be no exemption from the clean-up charges.

Attendance figures were one-third lower than last year, although it remains the world’s largest dance party, with 50 “techno wagons” with DJs parading through the city centre. Police made 180 arrests, mainly for theft and drugs offences, and around 4,000 people were treated by medics, mainly from exhaustion and circulation problems, with around 10% related to drugs or alcohol. The event was manned by 2,000 police, 900 first aid workers and five ministers.