Danger Mouse readies new album

The 'Grey Album' mischief-making producer returns…

‘GREY ALBUM’ mastermind Danger Mouse has teamed up with MC and producer DOOM for his latest album ‘THE MOUSE AND THE MASK’.

The producer – most famous for his highly controversial 2004 ‘Grey Album’ which mixed Jay-Z’s ‘The Black Album’ – is set to return with his new LP on October 17.

This time, the LP takes inspiration from US television’s Cartoon Network late night ‘Adult Swim’ programme, and contains original skits and inserts tailor-made for this project by the programme’s voiceover artists.


Also set to appear on the album will be Wu-Tang Clan member Talib Kweli on ‘The Mask’, [/a]’s Cee-Lo on ‘Benzi Box’ and [a] on ‘Old School Rules’.

A limited edition vinyl pressing of ‘Old Skool Rules’ will precede ‘The Mouse And The Mask’.

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