Danny Brown creates a chocolate peanut butter and jelly-bean pizza for charity

He also baked a "mystery meat" pizza - whatever that means.

Rapper Danny Brown has extended his creative flair to the cooking game as he creates the world’s first ‘Easter Bunny’ pizza for a local charity.

The rapper teamed up with fellow Detroit musician and chef Matt Z from Tyvek to raise money for an-all ages arts venue in the heart of the Michigan city.

Brown went all-out on his two pizza creations, one of which was topped with chocolate peanut butter and jelly beans while the other included a “mystery meat” served with liver and onions.


According to Pitchfork, the rapper originally attempted to combine gizzards and liver as toppings for the “mystery meat” pizza but, as the venue reports, “the pairing was not compatible”.

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These two pizzas are available to order at El Club throughout April with all proceeds going to InsideOut Detroit.

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Danny Brown recently released a music video for his ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ single, ‘Ain’t It Funny’. The video is directed by 21 Jump Street star Jonah Hill and sees Brown taking the role of ‘Uncle Danny’ in a 80s sitcom satire that turns very dark, very fast.

The collaboration was teased via Twitter where Danny captioned an image “Dropping something live with the bruh bruh @JonahHill tomorrow.”


Last year Danny Brown professed his admiration for David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar‘ calling it his favourite album of the year and saying, “When you put that much of your life into music, can’t nobody ever take that — you can’t rate that. You can’t review this. He died for this. This is his life right here.”

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