Misfits’ Danzig defends Trump’s Muslim travel ban

"When you walk into the country, we want to see who you are and what you’re doing," singer says

Misfits‘ original frontman Danzig has spoken in support of Donald Trump’s controversial (and potentially unconstitutional) Muslim travel ban.

Danzig reunited with iconic punk band Misfits last year for the first time in three decades. His eponymous band last week released their 11th album ‘Black Laden Crown’.

Speaking to Los Angeles Times recently, Danzig defended Trump’s travel ban plans, arguing: “It’s really not a travel ban. When you walk into the country, we want to see who you are and what you’re doing.”


“Well, when I go to every country right now, they look at me and they see whether I can come in or not,” he continued. “And I’ve been turned away from Canada and other places before. Where’s my protest? Where’s my parade?”

The singer also criticised Planned Parenthood following claims in a doctored video that have since been proven false. Danzig said: “I might be conservative on some issues, and some issues I’m really liberal. I’m pro-abortion and I’m pro-Planned Parenthood. But I don’t think Planned Parenthood should be selling baby parts like a chop shop in Brooklyn, OK?”

Donald Trump

Last year, Danzig said that his Misfits reunion was inspired by the deaths of David Bowie and Prince.

“It’s been a shock to see so many musicians dying this year,” he said. “A lot of them weren’t really that old. David Bowie’s death came out of the blue, as did Prince’s. And I’ve said it before with [Type O Negative singer] Peter Steele and Dio: If you’re a music fan, you think these artists will be here forever, but you should enjoy them while they’re here, because you never know what will happen. You’ve got to enjoy it and let it happen before everybody dies.”

“I don’t think people should question [the reunion] too much,” Danzig added. “It may have never happened, but it is going to happen for at least two shows. We’ll see how it goes. It may lead to some other work, but who knows how it’s going to turn out? I mean, I don’t think it’s going to be a disaster; I think it’s going to be incredible.”


He continued: “I just want you to be surprised. I think it’s better that way, especially in this whole Internet age. I hate that shit.”