The up-and-coming pop duo will be everywhere soon...

Daphne & Celeste are to star in their own movie and host their own television show, can reveal.

Daphne said: “We’re going to have a TV show. The thing is that it’s in the early stages of development right now so we can’t really talk about it too much but you know, it’s gonna be good.”

However, she did give hints by saying how much she loves ‘Miami Seven’, the S Club 7 TV vehicle.


Somewhat controversially, she said: “I love that show, it’s quality. The thing about S Club, we’ve met Bradley many times, he’s a great guy. You can’t hate S Club 7, it’s not possible, it’s not possible to dislike the S Clubbers.”

As for bigger on screen plans, Daphne continued: “We’re coming out with a movie as well. It’s gonna expose the realities of the pop world.

“It’s a big director, big cast. Big names are involved, very big names. It’s a black comedy of the pop world. The thing is that it kind of encompasses everything. You’ll come out of the movie you’ll be like, ‘wow’. That’s what we’re among for right now.

“Have you seen ‘Spiceworld’? The thing about ‘Spiceworld’ was that it was just a fun little film, but our film will be different. It’s got very dark edges. It’s about exposing reality.”

As revealed last week on, the pop duo have also announced their next single, the follow-up to their top 20 hit ‘UGLY’, will be a cover of the Alice Cooper rock classic ‘School’s Out’, and it’ll be released on August 7.

Daphne and Celeste‘s debut album ‘We Didn’t Say That’ was released last week through Universal.


They also appear live at Carling Weekend Festival at Leeds on August 26 and Reading on August 27.

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