Darkstar announce first new album in five years – hear lead single ‘Jam’

'Civic Jams' is out next month via Warp

Electronic duo Darkstar have announced full details of their first new album in five years.

‘Civic Jams’ will come out on June 19 via Warp – hear its new single ‘Jam’ below.

Speaking about ‘Jam’, which follows recent comeback single ‘Wolf’, in a statement, the duo said: “Jam is like a peripheral two step banger. Like if you were listening to your neighbour playing tunes through the wall or a car sped past and the bass reverberated out.


“It’s built with all those classic two step presets from an altern8 sample pack we found online. The organ bass is too tempting and satisfying not to use and with Jam we were able to link it in nicely. We called it Jam cos it’s a Jam duh.”

Speaking about the unexpected global landscape into which they’re releasing new music, the band said: “This was all planned to go out into a world that wasn’t going through a pandemic. We don’t know what we feel about releasing music in this climate to be frank. Everything we tried to touch on with regards to tangible space and shared moments on the record seems like we were concerned about a luxury we didn’t know could be reduced further.

“With everyone going through isolation in one form or another it certainly asks the question of what people can do to help each other. We made a record and if even just a small number of people can take comfort in it it’s more than done its job.”

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