Watch Darkstar pay tribute to the UK’s independent music venues in their new ‘Blurred’ video

The duo are supporting the #SaveOurVenues campaign through the clip

Darkstar have shared the poignant video for their new single ‘Blurred’, with the clip paying tribute to the UK’s independent grassroots music venues.

The video has been made in solidarity with the ongoing #SaveOurVenues campaign, which is aiming to protect those independent venues in the UK which are currently under threat due to the coronavirus-enforced live music shutdown.

The clip for ‘Blurred’, which is taken from Darkstar’s June-released album ‘Civic Jams’, consists of Google Street View perspectives of former and active UK venues that were submitted to band for consideration by their fans.


“This video represents all the places past and present that are instrumental in why we got to do this,” Darkstar’s James Young said. “I think I’ve been going to nightclubs since I was 16, buying records from 15 and tape packs from 14 all housed and cultivated in places either in this video or not too far.

“It’s a stark reminder at how hard it can be to keep these places going, particularly now – so massive props to the people involved in working to keep that dream alive.”

“It can’t be ignored to see just how many of these places fell,” he added. “It’s hard not to correlate that to the political landscape and how the value of independent music is weighed up by these people even before a pandemic.

“We’ll try to signpost as many hashtags, GoFundMes and any other independent venue initiatives designed to help during this time alongside the video.”

You can find out more about the Save Our Venues campaign here.


This week both Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters have announced their respective contributions to the fundraising efforts to help keep independent venues afloat in the UK during the shutdown.

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