Maybe we'll see some of the new material at the V Festival...

Dashboard Confessional have returned to the studio to record a new album.

The band, who are due to appear at the V Festival on August 21-22, claim that their fourth album will be a “collective effort”.

Frontman Chris Carraba told MTV News: “I’m not sure what the new record is going to be yet. It’s too soon to tell but it will be something really different.


“Now we’re this really great collective. Before, I’d bring in a song and I’d dictate where everything goes. Now Johnny (Leffer, guitarist) suggests stuff and it’s brilliant and it works better. Johnny’s incredible. I guess I write the poetry and we all decorate them afterwards.”

‘So Long So Long’ is one of the tracks expected to feature on the forthcoming album.

Carraba recently penned the song ‘Vindicated’ for the ‘Spider Man 2 ‘ soundtrack.