Daughter discuss ‘more extreme’ new album

Band tell NME how 'rockier' shows are influencing their new music

Daughter have revealed that their new album is likely to be “more extreme” than their 2013 debut ‘If You Leave’.

The trio recently finished touring ‘If You Leave’, and have begun work on a follow-up, recording for the first time at their own studio in London.

Guitarist Igor Haefeli told NME: “We’ve played so many shows that our dynamic has become more extreme. The first album became rockier on stage, with the quieter bits getting quieter and the loud bits getting louder. We’re playing with that dynamic, because it gives us more possibilities, knowing that that side exists within us.”


Singer Elena Tonra added that working at their own studio was making the band feel more relaxed about making the album. She said: “It’s a dingy and dirty place, but you can make noise at whatever hour you like. We can stay up until 4am if the vibe is there. It’s going well, but I don’t know when we’ll release the album.”

Daughter played at the AIM Awards last night (September 2) in honour of Beggars label boss Martin Mills, who won the Pioneer Award. Drummer Remi Aguilella said: “Martin is a man with a lot of history, who’s helped so many amazing bands. He lets us be free to do whatever we want. We don’t want someone in the studio, telling us how we should sound, and 4AD are always so respectful to us. It’s a great relationship.”