Daughter confront sobriety on emotional new single ‘Party’

The new song "recounts the place that Elena Tonra got to before deciding to give up alcohol"

Daughter have shared ‘Party’, the second single to be lifted from their upcoming third album ‘Stereo Mind Game’.

The song, released today (February 8), was co-written by all three band members – lead vocalist Elena Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguiella. Furthermore, both Tonra and Haefeli served as the track’s co-producers.

‘Party’, per a press release, “recounts the place that Elena Tonra got to before deciding to give up alcohol”. Over a restrained, slowcore-inspired arrangement of strummed bass and four-on-the-floor drums, Tonra sings of her struggles of coming to terms with sobriety: “I refuse to believe that there’s a problem, you see/I could stop if I want, I just don’t want to yet”.


An accompanying music video has been shared for the song, directed by Tiff Pritchett – who also made the video for their previous single ‘Be On Your Way’. The clip uses grainy, lo-fi footage that depicts Tonra lip-syncing to the song in a garden. Watch the video below:

Daughter will release ‘Stereo Mind Game’ on Friday April 7, over seven years after their previous album ‘Not To Disappear’. Following its release, the band worked on the soundtrack for the 2017 video game Life Is Strange: Before The Storm before entering an extended hiatus.

Tonra later forged a solo project under the moniker Ex:Re, which released its eponymous debut album in November of 2018. A re-interpreted version of the record, created with classical composer Josephine Stephenson and the string orchestra 12 Ensemble, was released in February of 2021.

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