Daughter’s Elena Tonra announces reinterpretation of solo debut album ‘Ex:Re’

A collaboration with classical composer Josephine Stephenson and the string orchestra 12 Ensemble

Daughter vocalist Elena Tonra’s has announced a reimagining of her self-titled debut album, ‘Ex:Re’. Find the tracklist below.

‘Ex:Re’ was released in 2018 through 4AD. On the reworked album ‘Ex:Re with 12 Ensemble’, out this Friday (February 19), Tonra has collaborated with classical composer Josephine Stephenson and the string orchestra 12 Ensemble to arrange and re-record seven tracks from the original collection.

To coincide with the announcement, Tonra has released the album’s lead single, ‘Where The Time Went’. Accompanied by a self-directed music video, the new arrangement fills out the song with strings that ebb and flow throughout.


Listen to the track below:

‘Ex:Re with 12 Ensemble’ was recorded in 2019 by Fabian Prynn at Kings Place, mixed by Jonathan Lefèvre-Reich and mastered by Benjamin Joubert. In a statement, Tonra said the team was mixing the album when the pandemic first began to shut down the arts industry worldwide.

“We were mixing the record while concerts and events around the world were being cancelled and postponed, so it was really moving to listen to the audio over and over during that time,” she said.

“The sound of a room filled with people was, and is, something we were all greatly missing.”

Daughter’s last album was 2016’s ‘Not To Disappear’. NME rated the album four stars, describing Tonra’s performance as “more poignantly present than ever and her suffering is an emotional exorcism we can all find strength in”.


The tracklist for ‘Ex:Re with 12 Ensemble’ is:

1. ‘Where The Time Went (with 12 Ensemble)’
2. ‘Crushing (with 12 Ensemble)’
3. ‘New York (with 12 Ensemble)’
4. ‘Romance (with 12 Ensemble)’
5. ‘The Dazzler (with 12 Ensemble)’
6. ‘Too Sad (with 12 Ensemble)’
7. ‘Liar (with 12 Ensemble)’