Dance guru Tong signs up the DJ for London Records...

Techno DJ and producer Dave Clarke has signed a record deal with Pete Tong‘s LONDON RECORDS.

Clarke, who has been without a recording contract since his departure from DeConstruction following the release of the ‘Shake Your Booty’ single in 1997, will celebrate his new contract with a re-release of his limited edition summer 2000 club anthem ‘The Compass’ in January, having completed some extra mixes especially for the project. An album is then expected to arrive sometime in June 2001.

“I’m extremely happy that once again I can record with the support of a record


company that understands me,” he told NME.COM. “It sounds odd, but I feel free again – I can let my imagination run wild without any constrictions. This time it’s going to be done right.”

Dave Clarke first gained success with his acclaimed series of ‘Red’ twelve inches, some of which were included on his ‘Archive 1’ LP in 1996.

Since the end of his deal with DeConstruction, Clarke been one of the world’s hardest working DJs, cementing a Bugged Out! residency by becoming one of the most visible ambassadors for techno in the world.

“It’s been mad,” Clarke explained to NME.COM just moments after collecting his Ericsson Muzik Award for Best Essential Mix. “I’ve just signed to London records yesterday, I had a baby three weeks ago, and I’ve just won a friggin award! So for the last few weeks it’s just been constant celebration anyway. Every night, I’ve been drinking a bottle of champagne!”

‘The Compass’ will go on general release in January. Meanwhile, two exclusive Dave Clarke tracks – ‘Before I Was So Rudely Interrupted’ Pts 1 and 2 – are available on [url=]


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