The techno DJ follows the growing trend after parting company with his record label...

Dave Clarke, one of Britain‘s leading techno innovators, has followed the growing trend of Internet–only releases by revealing his next two singles will be made available exclusively on the web.

The DJ, who led the way for artists such as Luke Slater and Ian Pooley, will release two songs, one of which is called ‘Before I Was So Rudely Interrupted’, on September 28 as a download on website [url=]

Fans can access the tracks and pay 99p to download them. A small quantity of them will be pressed onto vinyl, but will only be available as DJ promos.

Clarke, who recently parted company with his traditional record label Bush, said he moved to the Internet because he felt it a great centralised way of distributing music without the interference of industry middle men.

While speaking to [url=], he added: “It’s been a really, really good way of directly touching base with fans. I get a lot of fan mail and I try to answer as much of it as I can. 95 per cent, I reckon.” He went on: “I just wish it was faster. It’s getting there though. And for music it’s obviously ideal, because you don’t have to get out of your chair.”