Dave criticises government’s coronavirus crisis response: “This country is fucked”

"For everyone in the NHS, me and my people really love you and appreciate you."

Dave have condemned the Conservative government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in an impassioned Instagram story.

“This country is fucked,” the Brit Award winning rapper wrote, before criticising the government’s record for cutting funding to the National Health Service.

“You wanna talk about selfish,” he wrote. ”Selfish is having a government that had the measures to stop an outbreak before it came but decided to prioritise other things. Selfish is the people who voted for the people destroying the NHS that everybody loves so much now.”

“My mum’s been working in the NHS her whole fucking life and ain’t no one given a damn until they had no other choice. How the fuck can a country elect a party that’s cut it to a point of no return and in the same breath start talking about how much they’re behind it?”

He then addressed the doorstep “clapping” last Thursday, when thousands of Brits took to their doorsteps to applaud the work of NHS staff during the pandemic.

“I actually support the clapping cause it’s still giving them support,” he wrote. “But damn. Did NHS staff not have rights before the virus? Did our parents not deserve free parking or wages that they could actually live on or support or basic human fucking respect?”

He added: “And as soon as you don’t need the people in the NHS you’ll kick them to the curb like you always do. For everyone in the NHS, me and my people really love you and appreciate you and we won’t turn our back on you the moment that it’s over.”

His comments come as the UK enters the second week of lockdown in a bid to curb the spread of the disease.

High-profile names who have suffered from the disease include Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, Geto Boys rapper Scarface, actor Idris Elba, NBA superstar Kevin Durant and Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien.

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