Watch Ethiopian school kids sing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ in celebration of Dave Grohl’s birthday

Foo Fighters and Nirvana man turns 47 on Thursday

School children in Ethiopia have sent a birthday message to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl after they learned classic Nirvana track ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ to practice their English.

Grohl turns 47 on Thursday (January 14), with Peace Corps volunteer Matt Westerberg recently teaching his class at Yechila Secondary School in northern Ethiopia the lyrics to the grunge hit.

See the video of the kids singing along to the song below. “Special birthday wishes to legendary drummer Dave Grohl,” the class write in a message with the clip.

The children had previously learned to sing Pearl Jam’s ‘Even Flow’. Speaking in September, Westerberg said: “I thought it would be funny to have the kids try and learn it. They laughed their way through it. The next day, they demanded to try it again.”

“After a while we went through most of the song day by day as a motivational tool. At first it was all just a joke, but after awhile, the students began to really build confidence through learning the song.”

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