Dave Grohl features in trailer for new documentary about Washington DC’s hardcore scene – watch

'Salad Days' will premiere in December and looks at DIY punk bands such as Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Void and Fugazi

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl features in a trailer for a new documentary about Washington DC’s hardcore scene.

Salad Days: A Decade Of Punk In Washington, DC (1980-90) will receive its world premiere in December of this year in Washington DC. However, a portion of the film will be shown at the CBGB Music & Film Festival in New York on October 11. Scroll down to watch the trailer, which sees Grohl talking about his idols Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and Henry Rollins of Black Flag.

Salad Days Official Trailer from Scott Crawford on Vimeo.

The film will look at the DIY punk scene of the 1980s, featuring acts such as Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Void and Fugazi. A press release for the film states: “Contextually, it was a cultural watershed that predated the alternative music explosion of the 1990s (and the industry’s subsequent implosion). Thirty years later, DC’s original DIY punk spirit serves as a reminder of the hopefulness of youth, the power of community and the strength of conviction.”

The film was directed and written by music journalist and musician Scott Crawford, who ran hardcore fanzine Metrozine. It also includes interviews with Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins and Thurston Moore. The after-party for the premiere takes place on December 20 at the Black Cat in Washington DC and will see a set from a reunited Soulside as well as Moss Icon.