Taylor Swift saved Dave Grohl from looking stoned in front of Paul McCartney

Swift stepped in for an impromptu jam session

Dave Grohl played a stripped-down solo set last night at international advertising festival Cannes Lions. During the performance Grohl told a story involving Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney.

Grohl started by saying he attended a party at McCartney’s house, when McCartney suddenly took to the piano at the event and decided to play a new song later inviting Grohl to also perform.

Unfortunately, since McCartney is left-handed, Grohl found himself unable to play any of the instruments and had “maybe smoked a little pot”. “So I was already challenged,” he said.


Grohl then says Taylor Swift stood up and started playing on the piano with Grohl trying to jam along on one of McCartney’s basses. He soon realised Swift was playing Foo Fighters’ ‘Best of You’. “As if I weren’t high enough, that fucking blew me into outer space, man,” he said. Grohl complimented Swift’s vocal skills before launching to his solo, acoustic version of the track.

Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney are among over 160 artists and record labels calling for digital copyright reform by way of petition. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) came into being in 1998, long before streaming services dominated the industry. Now, artists and industry figures are asking for it to be changed to protect songwriters against copyright infringement.

A petition has been organised by music manager Irving Azoff, according to Rolling Stone, who says that YouTube provides a “safe harbour” for infringement under the current iteration of the DMCA.

You can watch Grohl telling the story followed by a performance of ‘Best of You’ below.