Dave Grohl persuaded the Grammys to pay tribute to Motörhead’s Lemmy

Grohl was joined by Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp for the tribute last week

The recent Grammys tribute to late Motorhead frontman Lemmy was arranged thanks to Dave Grohl, it has been revealed.

Foo Fighters leader Grohl introduced rock supergroup The Hollywood Vampires, which features Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and others, by talking about the late rock icon.

Now Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich has revealed to Billboard that Grohl persuaded him to host a Lemmy tribute performance.


“I will confess I didn’t have a lot of Motörhead on my iPad,” Ehrlich said. “The metalheads have Dave Grohl to thank for that, because when I asked Dave if he would introduce that segment, he said, ‘I’ll do it – if you do something for Lemmy’.”

“It became a challenge to do the proper thing and, at the same time, not let the show turn into a series of tributes,” he added.


Paying tribute to Lemmy at the Grammys, Grohl said on the night: “Many of us play rock’n’roll but a rare few among us are rock’n’roll. Lemmy was rock’n’roll. He was a rebel, an outsider, one of a kind, and a way of life. He was Motorhead. He was a legend and I was proud to call him my friend.”

Grohl continued: “He was a legend and I was proud to call him my friend. I have an ‘Ace Of Spades’ tattoo, but the truth is that Lemmy left us mark on me a long, long time ago. As Lemmy told us in the song ‘Ace Of Spades’, the pleasure is to play. I’d like to thank Lemmy and the late Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor for their music and everything it meant for Motorhead.”

The Hollywood Vampires took to the stage to play one of their own songs, before segueing into a cover of ‘Ace Of Spades’.

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