Dave Grohl and his mum Ginny discuss education with Jill Biden in new campaign video

"I watched my mother make plans to help other people my entire life."

Dave Grohl and his mum Ginny have discussed the importance of education in a new interview with Joe Biden’s wife Jill, ahead of next week’s presidential election.

“I was raised by a school teacher, so I knew as a child how hard my mother worked, not just at the school, but within the community,” the Foo Fighters frontman says of Ginny at the very start of the clip.

Biden then posits the idea that “the teachers are the rockstars”, prompting Grohl to immediately agree.


“I have always felt that way!”, he remarks.

Opening up on the challenges facing teachers in the U.S., Ginny explains: “Teacher salaries are one thing. That’s always been the case and nobody has listened for a long time. I taught in Northern Virginia and single parent raising kids, I couldn’t afford to live there on my pay.

“And so I had to work two or three jobs all the same time.”

Praising his mother, Grohl says: “Every morning I would wake up in our little house in Springfield, Virginia, and my mother was always ready to get us in the car and get us to school, knowing that she had a full day ahead of her with hundreds of children that relied on her to help them move forward in life and every night after dinner I would watch my mother at the desk in the living room.

“I watched my mother make plans to help other people my entire life.”


The latest video comes after Grohl praised the work of teachers in the first spoken-word instalment of ‘Dave’s True Stories’ earlier this year.

The eight-minute address sees the Foo Fighters frontman praising the work of teachers while recalling his own memories of growing up while his mother taught in schools.

Grohl also takes aim in the piece at Donald Trump‘s “conductor-less orchestra” and criticises White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for previously claiming that “science should not stand in the way of progress” when it comes to the re-opening of schools.

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters recently played a virtual stripped-down version of ‘Times Like These’ for a Joe Biden tribute gig.