Dave Grohl says he’s ‘ashamed’ of Donald Trump

The Foo Fighters front man says he ‘feels apologetic’ about the US President when he travels abroad

Dave Grohl has shared his thoughts on Donald Trump, saying he feels ‘ashamed’ of the US President and ‘feels apologetic’ when he travels overseas.

The Foo Fighters front man opened up in an interview with British GQ for the magazine’s June issue.

Grohl, who is currently in the midst of the band’s huge ‘Concrete and Gold’ tour, said: “Today, the American Dream is broken. I’ve probably travelled internationally more than our current president and the one thing I understand that he doesn’t is that the world isn’t as big as you think it is.


“It is all in your neighborhood. India, Asia, Iceland aren’t other solar systems. I am ashamed of our president. I feel apologetic for it when I travel.”

Grohl went on to add: “Listen, who cares what I think about guns or religion, but the thing about Trump that stings the most is this: he just seems like a massive jerk. Right?”

Speaking about the band’s live dates, Grohl explained that the Foos try to keep their gigs apolitical and focus on the music – adding that while a lot of people in the stadiums wouldn’t share his politics, they will all sing along to ‘My Hero’ with him.

It’s not the first time Grohl has discussed his feelings towards Trump. Previously explaining the meaning behind the lyrics on the Foo’s latest album, ‘Concrete and Gold,’ Grohl revealed that opening track ‘T-Shirt’ was inspired by an incident after the US President’s inauguration, when a press conference ended up in a ‘screaming match.’

Grohl told Rolling Stone, “All that gross ambition for power and control freaked me out.’

The band are currently in the middle of their North American tour, which was recently extended. The shows have seen Grohl down a can of beer in one go in Louisiana and invite a fan up on stage to perform ‘Monkey Wrench’ in Austin, Texas.