Dave Grohl reunites with the guy who strapped his broken leg

The Foo Fighters' frontman broke his leg on stage in Sweden in 2015

Dave Grohl has reunited with the medic who strapped his broken leg back in 2015.

The Foo Fighters‘ frontman broke his leg on stage during a show in Gothenburg, Sweden. Grohl fell from the stage after missing a ramp and falling into the gap between the stage and the audience.

Grohl performed the rest of the gig sitting in a chair with his leg bandaged. And now, he’s reunited with the medic who strapped up his leg on stage. See their reunion below.

After the incident, The Foo Fighters were forced to cancel their headlining slot at Glastonbury Festival.

Earlier this week, Grohl revealed that Paul McCartney helped him recover from the injury.

Speaking to the Herald Sun newspaper recently, Grohl elaborated on how Macca offered to help after suffered a leg break in 2015. “He and his family basically set up my entire surgery in London after I broke my leg. It still blows my mind,” Grohl remembered.

“I wouldn’t be playing music if it wasn’t for Paul McCartney because I learned how to play guitar with Beatles songbooks and playing along to Beatles records. But I also would not be walking right now if it was not for Paul McCartney. He knows some good fucking doctors.”

Foos’ new album ‘Concrete And Gold’ is out today (September 15) and features McCartney on drums.