Dave Grohl on his legendary $666 bar bill: “I was seeing double at that point”

The 'nicest guy in rock' strikes again

Dave Grohl has explained the circumstances behind his recent impressive bar tip of $333 – which brought the bill to $666.

Grohl was said to be left with the bill after Foo Fighters performed a surprise show in LA for a pop-up gig, when they hit up at Hollywood’s legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Blvd.

Speaking to 95.5 KLOS, Grohl reminisced about that night, saying: “Dude, come on. When you get a bill that says $333 it’s like I’m gonna go the extra mile. But it’s the sad thing I think it was $303.30 but I was too hammered to figure out the $302.70 – I couldn’t do the real math. Which would have been strong but I was like seeing double at that point.”


With the drinks total coming in at just over $333, he added an additional $333 to bring the amount paid up to the Number Of The Beast. A copy of the receipt emerged on Facebook, before fans then shared it across Twitter. Check it out below along with photos of the band meeting fans in the bar.

Grohl made headlines last week when he blamed “making out with Bono” for his illness and having to postpone a number of shows.

Last month saw saw U2 frontman Bono abandon a gig after “completely losing his voice” due to illness, before Grohl soon also found himself under the weather.


“After opening this leg of the tour September 1 at Safeco Field in Seattle, Dave Grohl suffered a loss of voice and is now on vocal rest,” said the band in a statement, before Grohl himself added: “That’s the last time I ever make out with Bono.

Grohl also recently dropped ‘Play’ – a 23 minute solo track along with a mini-documentary about its creation.