Watch seven Dave Grohls rock in trailer for new documentary ‘Play’ – featuring his epic 25-minute solo track

"You're always chasing that next challenge"

Foo Fighters‘ frontman Dave Grohl has shared a teaser trailer for his new documentary ‘Play’ – which features his epic 25-minute solo song. Check it out below.

Having teased the song earlier this year, now Grohl has revealed the video which provides insight as to how he composed and played every instrument on the track all by himself.

“Watching my kids start to play music and learn to sing or play drums, it brings me back to the time when I was their age listening to albums, learning from listening… and when I take my kids to the place where they take their lessons, I see these rooms full of children that are really pushing themselves to figure this out,” said Grohl of the project.

“And even now, as a 49-year-old man, I’m still trying to figure it out… it’s not something that you ever truly master. You’re always chasing the next challenge, and you’re always trying to find a way to improve on what you’ve learned.”

The two-part mini-documentary ‘Play’ was filmed in black and white by Brandon Trost (The Disaster Artist, This is The End) and was edited to feature seven Grohls recording together and provides an ‘interactive’ experience for viewers.

‘PLAY’ will be released on August 10 by RCA/Roswell on digital download and streaming platforms, before a limited editing vinyl drops on September 28. Pre-order it here.

Explaining his methods to create the final project earlier this year, Grohl added: “The best part is we’ll film everything with multiple cameras so by the end of it you will see and hear one song being played for 25 minutes, with six different Dave Grohl’s playing every note, on every single instrument, all the way through in one take.”

Meanwhile, Grohl also recently revealed that the band are still hoping to make a second season of ‘Sonic Highways‘.

“Well, we’ve been working on it for six years now, and . . . I’m kidding,” he said. “That door is always open. And a lot of great things have stemmed from that series. There are now kids in schools across the country making their own Sonic Highways about the little towns where they live.

“I still have the concept for the second season, so, someday.”