Dave Grohl reveals his proudest moment with Foo Fighters

It's an impressive achievement....

Dave Grohl has opened up on the proudest moment of his 23 year career with Foo Fighters.

Despite career milestones including a headline slot at Glastonbury and playing two shows at Wembley Stadium in 2008, the rock icon revealed that he is most proud of a 2011 show in New Zealand which saw the band register a reading on a seismograph, which is usually triggered by earthquakes.

“We played at some speedway outside of town and the audience was jumping around so much that it triggered the seismograph. We have that seismograph readout of the show on the wall in the studio. I’m probably more proud of that, then anything we’ve ever done”, he told the New Zealand Herald.

He also joked that the band “triggered an earthquake” during the Auckland show.

During the interview, Grohl also revealed that music “healed” him after he broke his leg at a show in Sweden in 2015.

“After Nirvana was over I didn’t want to play music. I couldn’t even listen to the radio because it just broke my heart. I would hear songs and it would make me sad. But then I realised that music was what was gonna heal me”, he said.

“The same thing happened after the last tour. We were out for so long, I’d broken my leg. We were just beat up. I didn’t want to pick up a guitar. But once I did it made me feel better. It just makes me feel better.”

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters have today released their ninth album ‘Concrete & Gold’, which features an unlikely cameo from Justin Timberlake and Adele collaborator Greg Kurstin on production duties.

They have also launched their own pop-up pub in East London, offering fans the chance to drink Foo Fighters beer and purchase a huge range of limited edition merchandise.