Here’s Dave Grohl playing Satan to Billy Crystal’s God

God and Satan are buddies who brunch

Dave Grohl portrays Satan to Billy Crystal’s God in this latest sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check it out below

The clip is based on a debate surrounding a Satanic Temple of Chicago statue in the Illinois state capital. Titled the ‘Snaketivity’ the statue stands at 4 1/2-foot and portrays the forearm and hand of a young woman encircled by a snake while clutching an apple. It states, “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift.”

On Sunday (December 16), Catholics protested the statue and called for the Illinois Secretary of State to remove the display. However, host Kimmel decided to take the issue “straight to the top” and asks the opinion of a Kangol cap wearing God, played by Billy Crystal.

“I’m fine with it,” Crystal replies. “[Satan and I] made up. Hey listen folks, if Taylor Swift and Katy Perry can make up, why can’t we?” Then, the Foo Fighters frontman turns up, sporting a guitar and dressed as Satan.

“You guys hang out in heaven?” Kimmel asks.

“We get together like once a week, play a little Fortnite, fantasy football. We have brunch,” Crystal replies.

“Bottomless mimosas!” Grohl’s Beelzebub adds. Watch the clip above.

Earlier this month, Grohl debuted his ‘Play’ project, recruiting members of Them Crooked Vultures and Jane’s Addiction to play the piece live for the first time.

Back in August, the Foo Fighters frontman shared a documentary which showed him creating a 23-minute instrumental song, playing all seven instruments during its composition.

However, as he couldn’t play all seven instruments himself, he recruited some friends for the performance. Them Crooked Vultures bandmate Alain Johannes, Jane’s Addiction guitarist Chris Chaney, Foo Fighters collaborator Drew Hester, producer Greg Kurstin, and session musicians Jason Falkner and Barrett Jones joined him for the debut.