Dave Grohl says working with Josh Homme is like “two old friends that have had too much to drink”

Pair "laughed hysterically" while making 'Songs For The Deaf'

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has discussed what it’s like working with Josh Homme, comparing their collaborative process to a conversation between two drunk friends.

The Foos recently played two massive shows at the London Stadium – hailed by NME as their greatest shows in the capital. “As they made their debut at the former Olympic Stadium on Friday night, it seemed like the two-night residency might just prove to be the jewel in the crown of Foo Fighters’ very special relationship with the UK”, our official verdict read.

Speaking recently to Kerrang!, Grohl talked about his frequent musical team-ups with Homme, whose band Queens Of The Stone Age play UK shows in Finsbury Park, London and at Eden Project over the next week.


“When Josh [Homme] and I play, it’s like a conversation between two old friends that have had too much to drink. That’s what it’s like when we write together… He’ll play something and I’ll hit it back to him like that [snaps fingers].”

Foo Fighters London Stadium
Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl

Grohl also revealed what it was like working with Homme on classic QOTSA album ‘Songs For The Deaf’.

“When we were doing ‘Songs For The Deaf’, we would sit there, laughing at each other hysterically, saying, ‘This is fucking amazing’,” Grohl explained.

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