Dave Grohl sends touching message to husband of Devon teacher who died of cancer

'I was blown away'

Dave Grohl has made headlines after sending a touching message to the husband of a Foo Fighters fan and teacher from Devon who died after a long battle with cancer.

As Devon Live reports, Laura Plane died after a ‘heroic’ eight-year battle with cancer last month – remaining a tireless fundraiser and campaigner throughout.

Laura and her husband were massive Foo Fighters fans – not only did they have ‘Everlong’ as the first dance at their wedding, but they also planned to watch the band for their 10th wedding anniversary this year before she fell too ill. Jon then contacted the band to ask them to dedicate ‘Everlong’ to Laura at Glastonbury – with his request going viral on social media. Grohl then replied with a personal note on a piece of scrap paper.


“Jon – Dave here,” reads the note. “Heard about Laura. Sending you much love and hope and light. Will be thinking of yous at Glasto. Take care mate.”

“I can picture Laura’s little face smiling about it,” said Jon. “It is incredible. I am over the moon.”

He continued: “Even if Foo Fighters don’t dedicate the song to Laura, she would have loved [the note] anyway. But what I got from [the note] is that it is going to happen. It is incredible. Laura must have engineered this somehow as I was having a really bad week after her funeral, when it hit me like a wave.

He added: “I was a mess all of Sunday and Monday, and then I saw [Dave’s] message on Tuesday. I was blown away. The power of social media is crazy, but incredible.”

This comes after Grohl sent VIP tickets and a personalised photo to a fan who was dying of cancer back in 2015.


Since her diagnosis and during her time as a campaigner, Laura raised more than £70,000 for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel.

After releasing their comeback single ‘Run‘ last week, Foo Fighters will headline Glastonbury festival alongside Ed Sheeran and Radiohead – returning after the frontman was forced to cancel when he broke his leg in 2015.

“Somewhere like Glastonbury has such a huge history behind it and then personally it’s almost like a part of my recovery. I’m making up for something I couldn’t do when I was just completely broken,” said Grohl. “The vibe is already kind of there, for me personally. It’s something personal to me now. I know there’s gonna be a million people there. I can walk.

“When this happened my doctor said – it’s a lot worse than you think it is. If you do what I tell you you’ll be able to walk and run around with your kids after you’re out of here. If you don’t do what I tell you to do you’ll walk with a cane the rest of your life.

He added: “I messed it up so bad. This whole thing to me is I’m coming back and I’m standing up and I’m gonna kick their ass for 2 hours or more. I can’t wait. I’m already psyched it’s gonna be amazing.”

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