Watch Dave Grohl surprise fan as he joins ‘Grohlathon’ and plays drums

Grohl superfan Pat Finnerty received the surprise of his life...

One of Dave Grohl‘s biggest fans has finally succeeded in his bid to jam with the musician.

Throughout lockdown, Pennsylvanian Pat Finnerty has been sharing a series of Instagram Live sessions which have seen him challenging himself to record all of the parts of a single song.

But Finnerty, who has been accompanied by a cardboard cut-out of Grohl throughout the videos, took things to the next level last Saturday (August 15).


His latest project, dubbed ‘Grohlathon’, was an attempt to get the man himself to join in on a cover of Dire Straits‘ ‘Money For Nothing’, with Grohl singing Sting‘s vocals on the track.

Nine hours into the ‘Grohlathon’, Grohl himself eventually joined in while he was attending a dinner party with some friends.

Actor Andrew Sikking sent a request to join the stream, before Grohl’s face eventually emerged from behind a drum kit.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” Grohl joked as he peered at his cardboard cut-out.

In a series of videos posted by Finnerty, Grohl is seen fulfilling the bizarre Dire Straits request, and even jams with him on guitar and drums.


“Grohl. Is it good to be Grohl?” Finnerty asked him. “Oh yeah, it’s the fucking best,” Grohl replied.

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We got Grohl. Thanks Grohl.

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Speaking to Rolling Stone afterwards, Finnerty said: “Grohl was as cool as I knew he would be. I’ve always wanted to host a talk show and corona has kind of given me one. I want it to grow so that I could do cooler shit, because I have ridiculous ideas that I think will all work.”

He added: “My whole fucking life has been spent looking at Grohl. In high school, all I did was listen to Nirvana. And if I want to watch a documentary now, there’s Grohl. And he plays with the Beatles. He plays with Led Zeppelin.”

In other Foos news, the band’s headline set at Reading & Leeds Festival 2019 will be broadcast by the BBC later this month on the same weekend that the 2020 event should have been taking place.