Dave Grohl: ‘I wish I could sing like John Lennon or Adele’

The Foo Fighters frontman said it took him "years to get over trying to be a lead singer"

Dave Grohl has revealed he wishes he could sing like John Lennon or Adele in a new interview.

The frontman was formerly the drummer in Nirvana but made the switch to tackling lead vocals when he formed Foo Fighters in the months following Kurt Cobain‘s death.

Appearing on CBS Sunday Morning, Grohl was asked if he was insecure about his singing voice when he first made the transition from drummer to frontman. “I wish I could sing like John Lennon, or Adele, or Josh Groban,” he replied. “I wish I could. But I was raised on some really dissonant, noisy, crazy punk rock so a lot of my favourite vocalists most people wouldn’t even consider singers.”


He continued: “They just belted out to scream it, but the raw passion in that is what I appreciated the most because I find beauty in imperfection. And it’s something I love about our band. We have a saying in this band: ‘If it gets any better, it’s going to get worse.’ It took me years to get over trying to be a lead singer.”

Grohl added that his role as a singer only “started getting fun” when he decided to “go out there and belt it out.”

Meanwhile, the frontman recently explained why he didn’t sing or write songs in Nirvana, despite having been recording his own songs. He never let anyone hear those tracks because he “didn’t really think they were that good.” “I didn’t like my voice, I didn’t think I was a songwriter and I was in a band with one of the greatest songwriters of our generation,” he said.