Dave Grohl’s former band Scream are crowdfunding a new album

It’ll be their first new album since 1993's 'Fumble'

For a few years before he joined Nirvana, Dave Grohl played drums for Washington D.C. hardcore band Scream. Now, they’re launching a kickstarter campaign for a new album.

Titled ‘DC Special’, it’ll be the first album Scream have released since 1993’s ‘Fumble’. Hoping to get into the famous Inner Ear Studios (where Foo Fighters, Minor Threat and Fugazi have all recorded) before it shuts at the end of September, the band are asking fans to help fund the project.

The Kickstarter will launch September 8 and rewards include a Les Paul guitar used during the recording, a fishing trip with drummer Kent Stacks or a hang-out with the band in the studio during the recording. “There has never been more of reason to scream than right now,” said founding guitarist Franz Stahl.


Scream originally formed in 1981 with Grohl taking over behind the drums in 1986. He played on two albums, 1988’s ‘No More Censorship’ and ‘Fumble’, before the band broke up and he went on to join Nirvana.

In 2011 though, the original line-up of Scream recorded their ‘Complete Control Sessions’ EP at Grohl’s Studio 606 and he’s joined them onstage at various shows over the years – including a show in 1994 with Rage Against The Machine‘s Zack de la Rocha. Watch footage below.

Speaking about the impact of Scream in a recent interview, Grohl said: “I remember listening to [the album], turning it over and seeing that their PO Box was close to my house — and it blew my fucking mind. Like, ‘Oh my god, one of D.C.’s best hardcore bands is like three miles from my house! It blew me away.”

Next year, Foo Fighters will return to the UK for a string of stadium shows.


Speaking to NME recently, Grohl said “I’ve always loved playing the stadiums in the UK. It’s the first place we did a stadium of our own after we played that Live Earth benefit [at London’s Wembley Stadium in 2007] and then came back for a couple nights at Wembley. That trip was our introduction to playing gigs that large.”

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