Dave speaks up for the Grenfell Tower victims at the BRIT Awards 2018

"London is a crazy place right now"

Dave has spoken out for the victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze, revealing that his hotly-anticipated debut album will deal with how ‘crazy’ London is right now. Watch our video interview with Dave above.

Tipped in the NME 100 as one of the most essential new artists to keep an eye on in 2018, the South London rapper told NME on the red carpet that his upcoming debut album would ‘definitely’ coming in 2018, and is going to sound ‘darker, eerie and more mature’.

“You know what, I’ve been going through a lot recently,” Dave told NME. “It’s difficult to speak about, but my friend always said that when you’re speaking, just keep it in the music. I feel like I’ve gone through a lot in the last couple of months that’s going to allow me to open up a brand new chapter in my life.”


He added added that he hoped the record would “shine a light” on a number of cultural aspects – including the current state of life in the capital.

“London’s in a crazy place right now,” Dave continued. “It’s so positive in certain areas and so negative in certain areas. I feel like now is the best time to speak about it, and put that into the music.”

Best Mixtape
Dave’s ‘Game Over’ is up for Best Mixtape

While Stormzy used the BRIT Awards to attack the government over their handling of the Grenfell Tower blaze, Dave also said that more needs to be done.

Dave went on: “Grenfell Tower still hasn’t been dealt with. We’re still feeling uneasy about it. It’s not fair, the way it’s been dealt with and handled. There’s so much politics in that. Knife crime is obviously a huge issue. Just fundamentally, the way that our system is working in terms of the lack of choice that we have in the things that are happening, like leaving the EU – it’s so difficult to speak about now.

“I’ve actually come here with the brightest mindset to go into the darker side of London, but there’s a lot going on that’s positive as well as negative.”


“What’s gonna happen is gonna happen naturally. I haven’t started to go out and look for collaborations, but I know there’s a lot of people that I’ve been trying to work with where it gets to that to put something out on my debut, so I’m definitely going to be going for it.

Speaking of his fellow Best British Breakthrough BRIT nominees, Dave gave a special shout out to J Hus.

“He is the most distinct and original and relentless, unforgiving musician that we have in our culture right now,” said Dave. “He is himself and no one else, and I guess that’s what everybody loves about him.”