Country singer claims Elvis Presley wanted to work with David Bowie

Dwight Yoakam says Elvis approached Bowie about 1977 album

Elvis Presley reportedly wanted to collaborate with David Bowie shortly before the former star’s death.

The new claims come from country singer Dwight Yoakam, who recently spoke to US newspaper The Orange County Register and detailed an encounter he had with Bowie in 1997.

Upon meeting, Yoakam says he and Bowie bonded over their mutual love of Elvis, with Bowie telling him that six months before his death in 1977, he had received a call from Presley with a request to produce his next album.

Yoakam recalls that Elvis had been impressed by Bowie’s ‘Golden Years’, which was originally penned with Presley in mind.


“I thought ‘Oh my God, it’s a tragedy that he was never able to make that’. I couldn’t even imagine 1977 David Bowie producing Elvis. It would have been fantastic. It has to be one of the greatest tragedies in pop music history that it didn’t happen, one of the biggest missed opportunities.”

Bowie was known for his love of Presley, with the pair also sharing a birthday (January 8).

David Bowie passed away on January 10, two days after his 69th birthday and the release of final album ‘Blackstar’.

Bowie posthumously topped the chart with ‘Blackstar’ last week (January 15) and is expected to reach Number One again this week.